Billiards Tables

Billiard Tables come in all sizes and designs, and we can accommodate your needs. If you’re looking for an elegant handmade billiard table, we have a wide selection to choose from, made by craftsmen from the finest materials.

Or if your taste runs more to something old-world, our antique billiard tables typically range from early Victorian to Edwardian, with materials from mahogany to cast iron.

The space you have available will determine the size of table you need, and we have billiard tables for sale in sizes ranging from 6ft billiard tables to 10ft billiard tables, as well as full size billiard tables, all in a variety of designs. And, if space is at a premium, how about combining functions? We have a wide selection of convertible billiard dining tables.

Billiards is a game for the connoisseur, but sometimes we all want something simpler and fun. We supply both new and antique bar billiard tables, as well as bagatelle tables.