Full Size Snooker Tables

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17 products

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As long as you have room for it, there’s nothing like playing a game of snooker as it was meant to be played on a full size snooker table. As you might expect, we have plenty of them in stock to meet all tastes.

Our full size snooker tables use the best materials — this often means oak or mahogany, though cast iron isn’t unknown. Designs of our new full size snooker tables range from modern, with clean lines, to elaborate period designs. The best makers are represented, such as Riley, Hawkes & Sons, Thurston and many more, and you can even have a table designed for both snooker and billiards.

We also stock vintage full size snooker tables, carefully selected for quality and period atmosphere. Or, if you want something specific, we can create a bespoke full size snooker table made specially to your requirements.