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64 products

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Once you have selected your snooker or pool cue you will need something to store and protect it in, you need a cue case.

We have 1 piece cue cases, 2 piece cue cases and ones to store your 3/4 jointed cue. Some cases have space to store your cue extension as well as your snooker or pool cue.

We hold a stock of Peradon 1 piece cue cases for sale in a variety of finishes including leather, vinyl and aluminium. Cue cases for 3/4 jointed cues are available in leather, vinyl and aluminium in black or silver. Our leather cue cases are available in a variety of designs and colours.

2 piece cue cases hold a middle/centre split cue with some cases able to hold your cue extensions as well.

For any advise on any of our cue cases please contact us