Bagatelle Tables/Bar Billiards

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

Hamilton Billiards holds in stock a number of Bagatelle Tables and Bar Billiard Tables. The Bagatelle Tables were manufactured around 1840 to 1910 and were the forerunners to Bar Billiards. These are normally portable tables manufactured in mahogany and rosewood. They were made with a fold over wooden bed and the game is played from one end of the table. We very occasionally locate a slate bed bagatelle table - but these are rare.

Bar Billiards - also referred to as Russian Billiards - is a table game that used to be extremely popular and many British pubs would have one in the saloon bar. These tables are made with slate bed, and are played from one end. The game is timed with a built in mechanism it has had a recent growth in popularity and these original tables are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Hamilton Billiards would normally have a small selection of both Bagatelle and Bar Billiards in stock.