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  1. Oak Card Table
    Victorian Oak Card Table
    Product Code: restoration6
  2. Period card Table
    Period Card Tables in London
    Product Code: NA
  3. Coffee Table/Chess Table
    Ash Coffee / Chess Table
    Product Code: bespoke15
  4. antique bar billiard table for sale
    Antique Restored Bar Billiard Table
  5. Backgammon Table
    Leather Backgammon table in Walnut with Brushed Nickel Feet
    Product Code: HBGT2
  6. Harrow Pro Brass Darts
    Harrow Pro Brass Darts
    Product Code: C5353
  7. Harrow Assassin Tungsten Darts
    Harrow Assassin Tungsten Darts
    Product Code: C5288
  8. Pro-Black Dartboard Cabinet
    Pro-Black Dartboard Cabinet
    Product Code: C4804
  9. (C4839) Eclipse Championship Dartboard
    (C4839) Eclipse Championship Dartboard
    Product Code: C4839
  10. Dart Mat
    Dart Mat
    Product Code: C4996
  11. Oak handmade dart board cabinet
    Handmade Dartboard Cabinet
    Product Code: HDBC
  12. Vortex Air Hockey
    Vortex Air Hockey
    Product Code: MMAHVOR
  13. Handmade Chess Table
    Hamilton Handmade Chess Table
    Product Code: HCHT1
  14. Handmade Card Table
    Hamilton Handmade Card Table
    Product Code: HCT1
  15. (MIS18) Hamilton Handmade Mahogany Card Table
    (MIS18) Hamilton Handmade Mahogany Card Table
    Product Code: MIS18
  16. (MIS17) Hamilton Oak Handmade Chess Table
    (MIS17) Hamilton Oak Handmade Chess Table
    Product Code: MIS17
  17. mahogany card table
    (MIS56) Mahogany Card Table with Drawer
    Product Code: MIS56
  18. Backgammon Table
    Hamilton Handmade Backgammon Table
    Product Code: HBGT1
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18 products

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We’re best known for making and selling snooker tables and pool tables, but we also stock tables and equipment for many other indoor games. Table football has always been a classic, and you’ll find a wide range of football tables in our stock, along with the speed and excitement of air hockey.

If you love table tennis, we have several models of table as well as all the accessories you need to keep to you on your toes. Darts, though, is a game of accuracy and precision, and we sell darts boards, both on their own and in cabinets, as well as a choice of top-quality darts.

We cater for the more sedate, too, with games tables for chess and backgammon, and elegant card tables. And, besides snooker and pool, we also sell bagatelle tables and bar billiards tables, along with a comprehensive range of accessories for each.

Unit 7, Newnham Road, Newnham, Nr Baldock, Herts, SG7 5JX, UK