Table Covers

12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)

Even the most dedicated player isn’t using their snooker, pool or billiards table all the time, and it needs to be protected when it’s not in action. We stock a broad selection of snooker table covers in sizes and materials to suit whatever your needs and tastes might require.

We offer a choice of snooker table covers or pool table covers from 6ft table covers up to full size table covers, of various types and colours. You can choose a material snooker table cover in shades such as green and burgundy, and some are handmade snooker table covers. If you’d prefer a vinyl snooker table plastic table cover, we have a wide choice.

Depending on the wear and tear your table risks while it’s not in use, you may need a heavy duty snooker table cover, or a light snooker table cover might do. We can supply either, making sure your cover for snooker table or pool table does the job it needs to.