Snooker Balls

11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)

Of all the snooker accessories you need, the most essential is a good supply of snooker balls. We offer a wide range of sets of new snooker balls by top manufacturer Aramith.

You might wonder why we need to offer such a wide range, but snooker balls aren’t all alike. Besides the sets of full-sized championship snooker balls for sale, for use on a full size snooker table, we also cater for the needs of customers who play on smaller tables. We supply balls ranging in size from 35mm right up to 57mm, and you can choose between a full set of 22 balls or a smaller 17-ball set.

We also stock single balls to replace lost or damaged balls, as well as a good supply of both billiard balls and pool balls. We offer practice balls, too, including Nic Barrow’s Ultimate Training Ball for a complete training experience.