Pool Dining Tables

If you’re looking for a new superior pool dining table that you can also use to play your favourite game, we provide a wide range of new pool dining tables to antique pool dining tables, handmade by craftsmen.

Do you want a convertible pool dining table with an old-world air, whether you’re dining off it or having a game of pool? We have plenty of models that fit the bill, such as the Refectory Heywood Diner, or the Heron Solid Oak Pool Dining Table.

Or maybe you’re looking for a dining pool table with more of a contemporary feel, in which case something like the Lindo Pool Dining Table would be ideal. Some of our models are even more flexible, converting from an elegant diner to give a choice of snooker, pool or billiards.

Many of our pool convertible dining table models, as well as tables for snooker or billiards, offer dual height technology, so they’re at a perfect height for dining or playing.