SNOOKER CUES - We stock the full range of Peradon Snooker Cues including 1 piece snooker cues, 2 piece snooker cues, ¾ jointed snooker cues, hand spliced snooker cues and machine spliced snooker cues.  You are welcome to visit our showroom and try these cues before selecting which one you wish to purchase.

POOL CUES – Peradon make the best pool cues and we have many pool cues for sale.  We stock the full range of Peradon Pool Cues, including McDermott Pool Cues.  Pool cues are available as 1 piece pool cues, 2 piece pool cues, ¾ jointed pool cues, 3 section pool cues and American pool cues, with a large choice to choose from, we are sure you will find the right cue for you.  

CUE CASES – Having selected your perfect cue, it is best to keep it safe and protected using one of our snooker and pool cue cases.  We have a range of Attache cue cases, leather cue cases and aluminium cue cases.

BALLS - Aramith snooker balls and pool balls are all stocked in our accessories shop.  You can be sure to find the right size ball to fit your table with a large selection of Aramith pool balls and Aramith Tournament Champion 1g snooker balls.  We offer single replacement snooker balls and pool balls as well as complete snooker ball sets and pool ball sets.

In addition to our range of Billiard table accessories, Snooker table accessories and Pool table accessories, our company also manufacturers bespoke items for your Snooker room, Pool room or games room. These items include pool table accessories kit, snooker scoreboards, cue racks, storage cabinets, snooker table lights, bars, snooker and pool table dust covers and many other items. Some of these items are featured in this section and also by going to our Bespoke Furniture Section.