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  1. black baulk marking pencil
    Baulk marking pencil
    Product Code: 4934
  2. Small Black Spots
    Small Black Spots
    Product Code: 4926
  3. large black spots for snooker
    Large Black Spots
    Product Code: 4927
  4. cue towel
    Peradon Cue Towel
    Product Code: 2461C
  5. Nylon Butt Protector
    Nylon Butt Protector
    Product Code: 1612
  6. Ball Position Marker
    Ball Position Marker
    Product Code: 3664C
  7. Small Nylon Table Brush
    Small Nylon Table Brush
    Product Code: 4950
  8. Rest Hook
    Rest Hook
    Product Code: 4342
  9. Brass Butt Hook
    Brass Butt Hook
    Product Code: 4362
  10. brass spider rest head
    Brass Spider Rest Head
    Product Code: 1946
  11. Peradon brass rest head
    Brass Rest Head
    Product Code: 1937
  12. brass butt rest head
    Brass Butt Rest Head
    Product Code: 1926
  13. peradon cue tip clamp
    Cue Tip Clamp / Fastener - Plastic (Nylon)
    Product Code: 2212C
  14. Chrome Spider Rest Head
    Chrome Spider Rest Head
    Product Code: 1947
  15. Chrome Cross Rest Head
    Chrome Cross Rest Head
    Product Code: 1938
  16. chrome butt rest head
    Chrome Butt Rest Head
    Product Code: 1927
  17. Aramith ball cleaner
    Aramith Ball Cleaner
    Product Code: 3671
  18. black chrome butt hook
    Black Chrome Butt Hook
    Product Code: 4366
  19. Black Chrome Rest Hooks
    Black Chrome Rest Hooks
    Product Code: 4344
  20. toeless black chrome butt rest head
    Toeless Black Chrome Butt Rest Head
    Product Code: 1930
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38 products

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Maintenance is fundamental to keep any snooker table or pool table in perfect condition. Our snooker table maintenance range includes under cushion table brushes, wooden cue tip clamps, billiard napping blocks, thermostatic billiard irons and more.

To keep your snooker table in pristine condition, we would also recommend having a look at our snooker table covers. Our table covers will protect your snooker table whilst you are not using it. Whether you require a 8ft snooker table to a full-size snooker table, we have the right snooker table cover to meet your requirements.

In addition to this, we also supply cue racks and other cue storage to hold your favourite cues next to your snooker table. At Hamilton Billiards we have a large collection of cue racks and cabinets, from our wall fitting cue racks to our free-standing cue racks.

Unit 7, Newnham Road, Newnham, Nr Baldock, Herts, SG7 5JX, UK