8ft Snooker Tables

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

Your snooker table, pool table or billiard table needs to fit the available space, leaving you room to cue freely, so a full-size snooker table may not be feasible. We stock a range of 8ft snooker tables, 8ft pool tables and 8ft billiard tables to suit your needs, if that’s the right size for you.

We have a wide range in stock of new 8ft snooker tables, new 8ft pool tables and new 8ft billiard tables by top manufacturers like Hennig Bros and Riley, as well as our own luxury designs. Or, if you have specific requirements, we can create bespoke 8ft snooker tables, bespoke 8ft pool tables and bespoke 8ft billiard tables to your specifications.

If you want something classic, we frequently have antique 8ft snooker tables, pool tables and billiard tables in stock, so remember to check regularly.