Chalk Holders And Chalk

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  1. chalk suspender with cord
    Chalk Suspender With Cord
    Product Code: 2409
  2. peradon triangle chalk
    Triangle Chalk - 3 Cubes
    Product Code: 2308C
  3. 12 cubes of triangle chalk for pool or snooker
    Triangle Chalk - Box of 12 Cubes
    Product Code: 2311-GRE
  4. magnetic chalk holder
    Magnetic Grip Chalk Holder
    Product Code: 2413C
  5. chalk pouch for snooker
    Leather Chalk Pouch
    Product Code: 2416C
  6. Peradon chalk fob
    Magnetic Chalk Fob And Chalk
    Product Code: 2415C
  7. Taom snooker chalk
    Taom Chalk
    Product Code: 2320
  8. chalk cups for snooker
    Hamilton Handmade Chalk Cups
    Product Code: HCC
  9. snooker chalk
    Triangle Pro Chalk - box of 12 Light Green
    Product Code: 2318-LGR
  10. Triangle Pro Chalk
    Triangle Pro Chalk - box of 12
    Product Code: 2318-GRE
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Chalk is an essential part of playing snooker and pool, it is used to ensure you get good contact between the cue tip and ball, enabling you to produce side, top and bottom spin on the cue ball for good positional shots.

We have a variety of different chalk available, with the most popular choice being the Triangle pro chalk, which is the professional version of the world's most popular snooker chalk. This chalk creates a smooth feel and offers increased friction and cue ball control. Additionally, we stock Taom chalk and Kamui chalk.

We also supply a variety of chalk holders including inexpensive chalk cord suspenders, chalk pouches and chalk fobs. In addition to these holders, we also handcraft chalk cups in mahogany, oak or cherry. Traditionally, snooker and billiard tables had chalk cups fitted to the underside of each cushion and would swing out to provide chalk for the player’s cue.

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