Chalk Holders And Chalk

9 Item(s)

9 Item(s)

Chalk is an essential part of playing snooker and pool, to ensure you get good contact between the cue tip and ball, enabling you to produce side, top and bottom spin on the cue ball for good positional shots.

Triangle chalk is the most famous and well known chalk in the world, used by most players who play snooker and pool.

Triangle chalk is produced in green or blue with other coliurs available to match your table cloth colour.

With the newly innovated Triangle Pro-chalk, designed in conjunction with the Pro-tips this is designed to produce the best in snooker ball control.

We also stock a range of chalk holders including inexpensive chalk cord suspenders, chalk pouches and chalk fobs.

Traditionally snooker and billiard tables had chalk cups fitted to the underside of each cushion, denoted by the white ivory spot inset into the top of each cushion.  These are screwed to the cushion and swing out to provide chalk for your cue, chalk cups are available in a variety of woods.