Bentley Snooker Table

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Bentley Snooker Table
i Please choose the colour you would like the wood polished, see our wood colours here
i Traditional cream coloured cotton bag net pockets or all games rails to collect the balls
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The Bentley Table has large square legs with contrasting bands around.  The table has a solid and bulky appearance with wide cushion rails and heavy legs.  The table is available in different woods and is manufactured with a precision ground Italian slate bed to guarantee a flat playing surface and has genine English moulded leather pockets.  The table is polished to a high quality durable finish in a choice of colours and also has a range of cloth colours to choose from.

This table can be manufactured in Mahogany, Oak, Maple, Beech, Cherry, Walnut or Tulipwood and can be polished to a colour of your choice, including matching to your existing furniture.

The Bentley Snoker Table is available in all the following playing sizes:

  • 7ft x 3 ½ft (214cm x 107cm)
  • 8ft x 4ft (244cm x 122cm)
  • 9ft x 4 ½ft (274cm x 137cm)
  • 10ft x 5ft (305cm x 152cm)
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