7ft Snooker Tables

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1 Item(s)

Not everyone has enough space for a full sized snooker table, but the good news is that you can also play a perfectly good game on 7ft snooker table. We have 7ft tables in stock, not only for snooker but also pool tables and billiard tables.

We have 7ft new snooker tables from the best manufacturers, as well as our own bespoke tables made to your requirements, and also 7ft antique snooker tables from the classic designers. We can even supply convertible snooker tables of the same size.

We can supply a range of snooker accessories, too, to fit your 7ft snooker table. We have a range of sizes of snooker cues, and 17-ball sets of snooker balls to keep your game in proportion with the table. We can also supply snooker table lights to fit 7ft tables.

Whether you’re looking for a 7ft snooker table, pool table or billiard table, we can find you whatever you need.