6ft Snooker Tables

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1 Item(s)

If you only have limited space, you don’t have to give up on having a snooker table or pool table. A 6ft snooker table will fit into a smaller room and still offer the chance of an excellent game.

We have 6ft tables for sale which are just as elegant pieces of furniture as the full-sized snooker tables. We have new snooker tables from various of the top manufacturers, and as with all sizes of table we can create a bespoke table to your requirements.

We stock a range of 6ft antique snooker tables from classic designers, and we can also supply 6ft pool tables or billiard tables, or even convertible snooker tables.

If you have a 6ft snooker table, you’ll need snooker accessories to fit. We have a range of sizes of snooker cues, and we can supply 17-ball sets of snooker balls that will allow you a game in proportion with the table’s size. And, naturally, we have table lights to fit a 6ft snooker table.