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You may have your snooker cues and snooker tables ready, but you won’t get far in your game without the most essential pool, billiards or snooker accessories — the balls.

We have an extensive range of snooker balls for sale, as well as pool balls and billiard balls, many of them by top manufacturer Aramith. There’s a wide range of full sets of balls for snooker available, both full sets of 22 balls designed to be suitable for professional games, and a few 17-ball sets for play on smaller snooker tables.

We also offer a good choice of pool ball sets, whether you prefer the classic spots and stripes for playing 8-ball or the simpler set with reds and yellows. And, if the subtle strategy of billiards is your thing, we have sets of billiard balls.

Sets are all very well, but sometimes you simply want to replace a lost or damaged ball. We sell single balls of all types, whether a cue ball or any snooker or pool ball. And you can even buy a training ball or a weighted trick ball.