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  1. replacement mini butt for cannon cues
    Replacement 6 inch Mini Butt for Cannon Cues
    Product Code: 1625
  2. Peradon cue extension
    Peradon Cue Extension
    Product Code: 1674
  3. cannon cue extension
    Cannon Cue Extension
    Product Code: 1650
  4. 6" ebonised mini butt
    6 inch Ebonised Mini Butt
    Product Code: 1640
  5. rosewood mini butt
    6 inch Rosewood Mini Butt
    Product Code: 1639
  6. Extenda Telescopic Extension
    Extenda Telescopic Extension
    Product Code: 1678
  7. cue extension for cannon cues
    Telescopic Cue Extension for Cannon Cues
    Product Code: 1630
  8. 20 inch ebonised midi butt
    20 inch Ebonised Midi Butt
    Product Code: 1642
  9. olivewood mini butt
    6 inch Olivewood Mini Butt (to match King Cue)
    Product Code: 1638
  10. mini butt
    12 inch Telescopic Mini Butt
    Product Code: 1641
  11. 23 inch Telescopic Butt Extension
    23 inch Telescopic Butt Extension
    Product Code: 1643
  12. 30 inch Rosewood Coloured Extension
    30 inch Rosewood Coloured Extension
    Product Code: 1645
  13. 30 inch Ebonised Extension
    30 inch Ebonised Extension
    Product Code: 1646
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At Hamilton Billiards, we supply a wide selection of cue extensions to fit our range of cues, for both pool cues and snooker cues. Different cue makers have different screw threads. For example, only Peradon screw-in cue extensions will fit Peradon cues.

For Peradon cues we have a large choice of cue extensions. This includes the 6 inch mini butt extensions, 12 inch telescopic cue extensions and 23 inch telescopic cue extensions, which are perfect to be used on a full-size snooker table for long distance shots, whilst still using your own cue.

Additionally, we stock a range of Cannon cue extensions, including the telescopic cue extension for Cannon cues and the replacement 6 inch mini butt for Cannon cues.

As well as cue extensions, we have a vast array of different snooker and pool accessories that are perfect for enhancing your cue sports experience. Some of these accessories include essential accessories that every player should own, such as snooker balls, high quality cue sticks, pool triangle racks and cue chalk.

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