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  1. Small Nylon Table Brush
    Small Nylon Table Brush
    Product Code: 4950
  2. Peradon snooker brush
    Economy Nylon Brush - 12inch
    Product Code: 4951
  3. cushion table brush
    Under Cushion Table Brush
    Product Code: 4959
  4. large snooker table brush
    Large Bristle Table Brush
    Product Code: 4957
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Our table brushes are the must-have accessory to maintain your snooker table or pool table in tip top condition. Brushing your tables with our table brushes daily will help maintain the performance and appearance of the cloth, prolonging its life span.

We supply a variety of table brushes for cleaning specific areas. Both our large bristle table brush and 12 inch nylon brush are perfect for cleaning chalk residue, dust and other small particles that accumulate on the surface of your table. Our small nylon table brush is normally used to clean and maintain small pool tables and other small games tables. Our under cushion table brush is designed to clean hard-to-reach areas underneath the cushion overhang.

To further maintain your snooker table in perfect condition, we would also recommend our napping block, which is used to reset the nap on the table’s cloth, removing cue stab marks and preparing the table for ironing. Our thermostatic billiard iron is ideal to lay the table’s nap flat, improving both ball speed and direction.

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