5ft Pool Dining Tables

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In an ideal world we’d all enjoy a dedicated games room, though unfortunately available space is often a restriction. This is where a new pool dining table or snooker dining table can be effectively implemented – especially 5ft pool dining tables that offer a viable place to play without taking up the entire room in the process. Best of all, they effortlessly convert between pool table and dining table, allowing you to make the most of your dining area.

We carry a large variety of pool dining tables, available in both oak and mahogany. We can even create one specifically to your tastes, if you can’t find anything that grabs you. We also regularly stock antique pool dining tables from authentic Victorian and Edwardian designers, so we cater for both classic and contemporary tastes.

5ft pool dining tables are only available as old original pool dining tables as new ones are not manufactured in this size as standard, although we are happy to custom make a table to this size if you wish.