Antique Restored Bar Billiard Table

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Antique Bar Billiard Table. These wonderful bar billiard tables are available with square, turned or octagonal legs. All fitted with timer/mechanism which runs for the duration of the game (approximately 12 mins) and then drops a trap to stop the balls from being re-distributed at the base.  These beautiful antique bar billiard tables are fully restored including re-polishing, new cushions, baize etc come complete with marker board, mushrooms, balls and cues. BarBilliard Tables are available in oak and mahogany.

Bar Billiards is a table which can be positioned against a wall or in the corner of a room as it only needs access from one end to play, making it ideal for conserving space whilst providing an ideal pastime for all ages and skills.  Antique Bar Billiards Tables were generally made by one of three makers, E, J, Riley, Alfred Sams or Jelks.

The game of bar billiards, was once prominent in many pubs around the UK, in more recent years being replaced by UK Pool Tables.  There is now a revival of Bar Billiards, with many pubs returning them to their bars to give customers an enjoyable social game to enjoy.  These tables are becoming more and more sought after as consumers buy them to have at home, ideal because of their size and only needing to play from one end, re-living their youth and teaching their children and grand children how to play.

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