Full Size Billiard Tables

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17 products

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You can enjoy billiards on various sizes of tables, but there’s something special when it’s full size. Whether your tastes run to new or vintage, we have a wide range of full size billiard tables for sale, many of which will double as snooker tables.

We stock new billiard tables by leading manufacturers such as Riley and Hawkes & Sons, in styles ranging from modern to Jacobean, with a choice of oak, mahogany or even cast iron. We also produce new handmade billiard tables to your specifications, as well as billiard dining tables, and we normally have a number of antique full size billiard tables on offer.

If you don’t need full size table, we also stock 10ft billiard tables, or we could supply a 9ft billiard table or an 8ft billiard table, as well as all the billiard accessories and snooker accessories you need.