New Handmade Billiard Tables

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Hamilton Billiards pride themselves on their extensive range of new handmade billiards tables for sale. As leading market specialists, you can be rest assured that any of our billiards tables have been hand crafted with the upmost precision and care.

Billiards is just one of the many table top games provide by Hamilton Billiards. We also offer a comprehensive selection of snooker tables for sale. There is every design and model you could possibly desire for both large and small sized establishments. Amongst our snooker tables in stock we have a 6ft snooker table, 7ft snooker table, 8ft snooker table, 9ft snooker table, 10ft snooker table and full size snooker tables.

Furthermore, we also have a wide variety of pool tables for sale. We have both traditional American pool tables as well as custom pool tables which can be specially modified to ensure you have a design that suits your unique taste in style.

We also have all the snooker, billiards and pool accessories you could possibly need to make the enjoyment of each game far greater. Within our current stock we have over 108 snooker cues for sale with designs made for any type of player.

Finally, any antique snooker tables can be restored to their former glory with our industry leading snooker table restoration services. Our Guild of Master Craftsmen will be able to draw on their years of expertise and knowledge to ensure any model has been given exceptional treatment.

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