(M1167) Full-Size Mahogany Square Leg Snooker Table by E.J. Riley

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i Traditional cream coloured cotton bag net pockets or all games rails to collect the balls
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Full-Size Mahogany Square Leg Snooker Table by E.J.Riley. This full-size mahogany snooker table has eight mahogany square legs, cushion slats, leg buttons and a five piece slate.

The woodwork on this table will be cleaned & waxed and a new cloth will be fitted in a choice of colour. 

This antique snooker table / Billiard table, is designed for playing snooker or English billiards, using 2 1/16" snooker balls or 2 1/16" billiard balls.


  • 12' x 6' Table (366 cm x 183 cm)
  • Cushion Slats
  • Leg Buttons
  • 8 Mahogany Square Legs
  • Five Piece Slate
  • 2 1/6" Snooker Balls
  • Made by E.J. Riley

 Playing area: 12ft x 6ft (366cm x 183cm)

Ideal room size: 22ft x 16ft (670cm x 488cm)

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