Are you looking forward to going back to the pub or your local snooker club for your weekly game of snooker with your mates? It’s been a long time coming, so it’s time to start practising. If you want to get better at snooker to join your local snooker league or simply to completely crush your friends, we have put together some of the essential snooker equipment you will need.

Snooker table.

When every indoor snooker club is closed due to the pandemic, having your own snooker table is paramount. How will you play snooker otherwise? At Hamilton Billiards, we have a wide collection of snooker tables for sale, including 6ft snooker tables, full size snooker tables and snooker dining tables. If you want to splurge and get a real special snooker table, invest in a handmade snooker table custom made to your requirements – the perfect addition to any home.

Snooker cues.

The most important tool in a game of snooker. It’s important to choose the right snooker cue, it should feel comfortable and have the right size cue tip. Thinner cue tips are ideal for more experienced players, whilst bigger cue tips are better suited for beginners.

Snooker cue extensions and snooker cue rests might be a great addition to your snooker cue. Make your snooker cues longer with cue extensions and always get the perfect shot with our cue rests, including extended spider rests, swan neck rests and more.

As the most important tool in the game, it’s also essential to ensure snooker cues are well-kept and safely stored. To guarantee this, make sure you have a snooker cue rack for home storage and a snooker cue case to easily and safely transport your snooker cues from your home to the club.

Snooker balls.

Snooker balls are the foundation of any game of snooker. We stock a variety of high quality snooker balls by top manufacturer Aramith. Whether you want a completely new set of snooker balls or require a single snooker ball to replace damaged or lost balls, we have you covered. We even supply practice snooker balls, such as 1 7/8 Aramith pro cup cue balls and ultimate snooker training ball, to get you potting century breaks right, left and centre.

Snooker chalk.

Prevent a miscue from happening and have better ball control by using snooker chalk. Chalk provides friction between the snooker cue and snooker ball to produce the best shots possible. We also have available snooker chalk holders to keep your chalk away from the snooker table to prevent damage to the table cloth.

Snooker triangles.

Properly position your snooker balls on the table with the help of snooker triangles. The balls must be positioned correctly every break-off and triangles are the only way to do it.

When the clubs eventually open again, you’ll be able to be right back on the tables ready to amaze your friends with your snooker skills. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can be reached on 01462743803 or at [email protected]