Whether you are a casual snooker player or are part of an amateur snooker league, we know you can’t wait to go back to your favourite snooker establishment. However, as we are all on the same boat and stuck at home, why not invest in your own snooker table?

At Hamilton Billiards, we are passionate about building and renovating snooker tables. We craft a variety of snooker tables, from full-size snooker tables to 8ft snooker tables and even 6ft snooker tables. We believe that adding a snooker table to your home has plenty of benefits.

Improves physical and mental health.

According to research by Anglia Ruskin University, playing snooker can not only improve your physical health but also highly improve your mental health. Playing snooker has proved to improve concentration, ability to assess and manage risk as well as patience.

Build stronger relationships.

Having a snooker table in your home will give you and your family a chance to connect and build stronger relationships. Plus, when you are able to have non-household members in your home, a snooker table will be the perfect entertainment and conversation piece.

Uplift your interiors.

A snooker table can improve your interiors and boost your home’s value. Snooker tables are elegant pieces of furniture that will make your interiors stand out – these are perfect for games rooms and living rooms. Bespoke snooker tables by Hamilton Billiards can be made to match your modern or traditional home design. Discover our full range of snooker tables for sale.

More than one function.

Snooker dining tables are the perfect addition to homes that lack extra space. These are multifunctional tables that can quickly turn into snooker tables after a long Sunday roast lunch.

Get ready for your future tournaments by investing in your own snooker table today. At Hamilton Billiards, we also supply snooker accessories, including snooker cues and snooker balls. For more information regarding our snooker tables and accessories, contact our team today on 01462 743803 or at [email protected].