Lindo Pool Dining Table

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Lindo Pool Dining Table
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Solid Oak Refectory Diner manufactured in English oak. The table looks - when in the dining position - like a traditional refectory dining table. The table can be manufactured using distressed character grade oak to the level required by the customer which can give the appearance of the table being 200 years old. The table tops are made in five sections with the grain running down the table - as all original refectory tables would have been. Manufactured in all sizes and can be polished to a colour of your choice.
Table Handmade in United Kingdom
The Lindo convertible snooker and pool dining table is available in all the following playing sizes:

Snooker and English Pool
  • 6ft x 3ft (183cm x 91.5cm)
  • 7ft x 3 ½ft (214cm x 107cm)
  • 7ft x 4ft (214cm x 122cm) - official UK League pool size
  • 8ft x 4ft (244cm x 122cm)
  • 9ft x 4 ½ft (274cm x 137cm)
American Pool
  • 7' x 3' 6" (214cm x 107cm)
  • 8' x 4' (244cm x 122cm)
  • 9' x 4' 6" (274cm x 137cm)
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