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A3 Sheet Rules of the game of bagatelle on cream colour paper.

A3 Sheet Rules of the game of bagatelle on cream colour paper.
Size = A3 - 420mm x 297mm

The rules of Bagatelle details the generally accepted rules of the various games played on a bagatelle table;

  • The Cannon Game
  • The Non Pareil Cannon Game
  • The Irish Cannon Game
  • Mississippi
  • Trou Madame
  • La Bagatelle
  • The French Game
  • Sans Egal


The origin of the various games of Bagatelle is lost in the history of time.  They are certainly all very old games.  However, if the names of the various games of Bagatelle are any guide to the origin, they all seem to indicate that the games must have originated in France.  The table itself, and the layout and values of the cups have been standardised everywhere at some point in the past, but unfortunately there is no Official Governing Body to establish and maintain the rules of play with the result that the rules of the games which are played on a bagatelle table vary from place to place making it almost impossible to play inter-town matches or National Championships.

These published rules of Bagatelle are the result of research amongst many different publications issued during the past 150 years, and may be described as... "The generally accepted rules of play for Bagatelle.)

Also available as Framed Bagatelle Rules.

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