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A3 Bar Billiards Sheet Rules on cream colour paper

A3 Bar Billiards Sheet Rules on cream colour paper

Size = A3 - 420mm x 297mm

The rules of Bar Billiards (also known as Russian Bagatelle, Skittle Billiards or Snookerette etc), covers the rules for First Arrangement Bar Billiards and Second Arrangement Bar Billiards with diagrams showing where to position the skittles and red ball for each arrangement.

Bar Billiards is a game which is played by 2 or more players on a timed game of approx 12 mins.  After this time a trap drops to stop the balls from being re-distributed at the base of the bar billiard table.  The Bar Billiards table can be positioned against a wall or in the corner of a room as it only needs access from one end to be able to play.

Also available as Framed Bar Billiard Rules


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