Peradon 58 inch Joe Davis 600 One Piece Cue

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The Joe Davis 600 is a classic cue of yesteryear and has now been reintroduced to the Peradon range with the added benefit of some modern day touches such as the butt end joint. This is a full size, 58 inch, one piece cue crafted by Peradon in England from the highest grade, kiln dried, North American ash and exotic ebony.

The ash is carefully selected for strength and straightness before the finest, genuine ebony butt timber is spliced to the cue by hand and the cue is shaped to produce the distinctive four round point pattern of a hand spliced cue.

The ebony front splice with distinctive sycamore striped pattern is then hand spliced to the ebony butt. In order to reduce stress to the timbers the cue is then shaped over a period of time until the final tapered shape is achieved, after which the numerous sanding and finishing processes are then undertaken to achieve a 'silk smooth' finish. The cue shaft is then stamped in the traditional manner with the cue weight to the nearest 1/2 oz.

The butt is finished with a Peradon Joe Davis 600 name plate and 'quick action' butt end joint to accept the optional extensions.

his cue features a solid brass ferrule and 9 to 10 mm Elkmaster tip

  • Cue Length - 58" (147.5 cm) Full Size
  • Tip - 9 to 10 mm Elkmaster
  • Shaft - Selected kiln dried North American ash
  • Butt Decoration - Large ebony & sycamore front splice with sycamore
  • Butt End Joint - Quick Action
  • Weight - Medium 16 oz up to 17 oz or Heavy 17 oz up to 19 oz


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