57 inch 3 Quarter Jointed React Cue

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This 57" jointed cue is manufactured from sports grade Ash offer superb value for money. The cue features a simulated hand spliced Ebony butt decorated with a decal of Thuya Burr with a Yellow veneer. The brass 'Cannon' joint is fitted 14" from the butt of the cue. The butt is finished with a Cannon disc decal and a protective leather butt pad. For a 'screw on extension' to fit this cue please view the 'related products' listed below. This cue features a solid brass ferrule and 8.75mm nominal Blue Chrome Leather tip.

  • Length: 57 inches/145 cm
  • Weight: 17 oz/481 g
  • Tip: 8.75 mm
  • Blue chrome tips
  • Solid brass ferrule & joint
Extensions: This cue can accept the following extensions:
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