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A luxury designer American Pool Table, manufactured with care and precision using top of the range materials by highly skilled craftsmen.

An 8ft prestige American Pool table with a unique design. Each model is made to measure, this is an exceptional billiard table, manufactured with care and precision using top of the range materials by highly skilled craftsmen.

BlackLight is unique, each table is individually numbered and is 100% manufactured in France.

Today, in the spirit of design, Toulet wanted to create a resolutely different billiard table. So, they approached the Institut Supérieur de Design where their designers worked long and hard choosing materials, harmonizing the shapes, and ensuring that the quality of this table exceeds expectations.

This top-of-the-line table, is made entirely to measure. As a result, each table leaving the French factory is a unique, numbered piece.

100% customizable

To bring you the table of your dreams that fits best with your desires and your interior, Toulet lets you create it to measure and customize it from start to end, to make a unique object. With its one-of-a-kind shape, the Blacklight is not just a billiard table in unbendable steel. It is a true design object that will become an integral piece of your interior. Choose from more than 500 steel finishes for your BlackLight table, created for automobile bodies. Choose to match the basin and the ball return with your table, or contrast them for more originality. Choose from matte, lacquer, or metallic finishes.

Want to create that stunning effect?, why not add lighting to the table along with an Atao Audio sound system with MP3 Audio connection, maybe even the disco lights which work in conjuction with the tunes you are playing.

Also available are a matching cue rack and canopy light along with football table and poker table.

100% modular

Configure the table of your dreams to the finest details: colored leather pockets (more than 100 colors), two-tone for the interior and exterior, white or colored LED lighting for the basin, Atao sound system with MP3 and Bluetooth connectivity and 30 colors of cloth to match your table to your interior.  Add an overhanging tabletop in wood to transform your BlackLight table into a dining table. The table top may also be used to transform your pool table into a poker table, with the addition of a customized cloth on the reverse. Add chairs, benches, and barstools custom-made to match your table!  

A modern, friendly, easy-to-use alternative for sharing moments with family and friends. For added practicality, we also offer the tabletop support and stand-up steel cue rack in the same table finishing options.



  • Playing size: 7' x 3 1/2' American pool (210cm x 105cm)
  • External dimension: 264cm x 135cm (104" x 53")
  • Weight: 500kgs
  • Mounted on 4 metal jacks
  • One piece Italian 22mm thich precision ground slate
  • Frame Body: steel construction rectified and energised by tensioners for perfect flatness
  • Body: 5 shells in steel which bolt together and foam for sound proofing.  metallized ceramic paint and 7 layers of anti-scratch lacquer.
  • Ball return built and soundproofed with ball exchanger allowing the passage of the cue ball to the other end of the table.
  • Competition pocket leathers
  • Lighting available
  • Atao Audio Sound system available
  • Can be supplied with dining tops
  • ABS thermoformed diffuser in one single block and perforated by 5-axis robots.
  • Lifetime warranty, excluding natural wear and tear of the cushions and cloth.
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