7ft Snooker Dining Tables

9 Item(s)

9 Item(s)

If space is at a premium, have you considered a pool dining table. A 7ft pool dining table not only fits into a smaller space, but it does double duty as an exquisite piece of furniture to dine on.

If you’re looking for a 7ft pool dining table, you have a wide choice from our stock of new pool dining tables, most of them from the top contemporary manufacturers. If nothing exactly meets your requirements, we can create a bespoke 7ft convertible pool diner to your specifications, or you may prefer one of the classic antique pool dining tables we regularly acquire.

You’ll need pool accessories to go with your 7ft pool dining table, and we have a range of pool cues and pool balls suit convertible 7ft pool dining tables.

We also stock snooker tables and pool tables of all types, and besides the 7ft convertible pool diner, you can find a 9ft pool dining table, an 8ft pool dining table, a 6ft pool dining table, or even a 5ft pool dining table.