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  1. Schaefer Pool Table
    Schaefer Pool Table
    As low as £12,140.00
  2. Faulkner Pool Table
    Faulkner Pool Table
    As low as £12,860.00
  3. Carnegie Pool Table
    Carnegie Pool Table
    As low as £13,220.00
  4. Fichera Pool Table
    Fichera Pool Table
    As low as £15,260.00
  5. 7 ft American Luxury Pool Table
    (M1059) 7 ft Bespoke Luxury American Pool Table
    Product Code: M1059
  6. Toulet blacklight luxury pool table
    Toulet Blacklight Luxury Pool Table
    Product Code: Blacklight
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We stock a wide variety of pool tables for sale, new pool tables and antique pool tables, so you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. We have a range of UK pool tables and American pool tables by top manufacturers such as Supreme Pool Tables and Sam Leisure Pool Tables, as well as manufacturing our own handmade pool tables.

Pool tables come in all sizes, according to how much space you have. We offer a wide selection of sizes, starting from 6ft pool tables and going all the way up to full size pool tables. And, if space is really limited, you could combine functions with one of our convertible pool dining tables.

If you’re looking for antique pool tables, we always have plenty to choose from, going back to the 19th century, of mahogany, walnut and many other woods. On the other hand, if you want something new with the same old-world craftsmanship, we have many patterns for hand-made pool tables, or we can customise them to your requirements.

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