(M651) 10ft Mahogany Turned Leg Table

Product Code: M651
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10ft Mahogany Turned Leg Table circa 1983. This table has 8 legs, cushion slats with leg plates and 1 1/2" bolted slate bed. This table will be restored and fitted with a new bed cloth.

This 10ft snooker table is designed for playing snooker using 2 1/16" snooker balls

Table details:

  • 10ft x 5ft
  • 8 Turned legs
  • Cushion slats
  • Leg plates
  • 1 1/2" Slate bed
  • 2 1/16" snooker balls
  • Circa 1983

Playing size:- 10' x 5' (305cm x 152cm)

Ideal Room Size Required: 20 ft x 15 ft (610 x 457 cm)

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