(M584) Oak Quarter-size Convertible Billiard Dining Table

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M584 - A wonderful 6ft Oak Barley Twist leg snooker/pool convertible dining table by Jelks and Son, circa 1920. 

M584 - A wonderful 6ft Oak Barley Twist leg snooker/pool convertible dining table by Jelks and Son, circa 1920.  This 6ft Oak snooker diner has beautiful style barley twist legs, sometimes also known as candy twist legs.  A single piece slate and a simple rise and fall mechanism are also fitted.  This original mechanism is a simple lifting mechanism to raise and lower the table from the playing position to the dining position.  Easily converted, each end of the table is lifted and the mechanism bar is pushed in or pulled out depending on if the desired playing height or dining height required. 

This snooker diner is suitable for playing the game of snooker and also the game of pool.  If playing snooker, 10 2" red balls are used, rather than 15 reds normally used on a full-size snooker table.  This enables you to play a game of snooker without the table becoming over crowded with snooker balls, making it easier to play  If playing pool, the normal 15 pool balls are used, again in 2" size.  This size table gives approximately the same size playing area as a 7ft UK Pool Table.

When used as a dining table, 6 - 8 people can be seated comfortably around the dining top, which is in 4 pieces for easy storage when not in use.  This table makes a decent sized dining table enabling families to sit and enjoy a family meal and then be cleared for fun and enjoyment playing snooker or pool.

The table has been fully restored including re-polished to a beautiful warm light oak colour.  New rubbers and new nets have been fitted and new cloth in a colour of your choice (over 20 colours available, click here to view the range) is included.  This table will make the ideal centre piece for any dining room, making it multi functional as well as stylish.

Table Features:

  • Traditional Oak Barley Twist Legs
  • One Piece Slate
  • Rise and Fall Mechanism
  • Perfect for playing pool and snooker
  • Woodwork has been fully restored
  • New baize in a choice of colour to be fitted


Playing size - 6' x 3' (183cm x 91.5cm)

Dining size - 6' 6" x 3' 6" (198cm x 107cm)

Ideal room size required - 14' x 11' (427cm x 335cm)  This allows 4' (122cm) cueing space around the table


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