(M1174) 6 ft Mahogany Turned & Fluted Leg Snooker/Pool Diner by Riley

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6 ft Mahogany Turned & Fluted Leg Snooker/Pool Table made by E.J. Riley. This 6 ft mahogany snooker/pool table has cushions slats, leg buttons, four mahogany turned & fluted legs, four table leaves, a rise and fall mechanism to make it suitable for playing snooker or pool & dining. The table can also seat 6-8 people comfortably when in the dining position and has a one piece slate.

The woodwork on this table will be cleaned & waxed, with new pockets & leathers and a choice of cloth colour.

This snooker table is designed for playing snooker or pool using 2" snooker balls or 2" pool balls.


  • 6' x 3' (183 cm x 91.5 cm)
  • Cushion Slats
  • Leg Buttons
  • 4 Mahogany Turned & Fluted Legs
  • Four Table Leaves
  • Rise & Fall Mechanism 
  • Seats 6-8 persons
  • 2" Snooker/pooll Balls
  • One Piece Slate
  • Made by E.J. Riley

 Playing Size: 6' x 3' (183 x 91.5 cm)

Ideal Room Size: 14' x11' (427 x 335 cm)

If you require any further information or have any questions contact us now on 01462-743803 or email [email protected]

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