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  1. Oak & Walnut Canopy for 9 ft Tables
    Oak & Walnut Canopy for 9 ft Tables
    Product Code: LT58
  2. French billiard light
    19th Century French Billiard Light
  3. brass pool light with 3 green shades
    (LT57) Brass Light with Three Green Coolie Shades
    Product Code: LT57
  4. 2 shade brass light
    Two Green Brass Shades
    Product Code: LT60
  5. canopy light
    Full-Size Mahogany Canopy Light
    Product Code: LT62
  6. two shade light
    (LT8) Two Shade Dawson Light
    Product Code: LT8
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Our used and antique snooker table lights are the ideal statement piece for any games room. These feature traditional designs, are highly-decorative and are able to fit various sized tables, including snooker tables, pool tables and billiards tables.

Within this selection, we have available wooden canopies, including full-size mahogany canopy lights, which hold three lights and oak and walnut canopy lights that are perfect for any sized snooker table.

In addition to these, we also supply other traditional sets of lights, such as our Dawson handmade lights which come complete with two lampshades, plus 19th century French billiards lights which feature a highly elegant and classical design.

Finally, we have available brass table shade lights, including two green brass shade lights and brass lights with three green lampshades. For any questions regarding our products, feel free to contact us on 01462 743803.

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