Handmade Square Laminated Material Coolie Lampshade

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These Handmade Square Laminated lampshades are custom made to fit our range of handmade lights in a cotton/silk material laid on a white laminate backing. Available in a range of sizes to suit all table sizes and in a choice of Green, Burgundy or Cream. These can be tailored to your own requirements by adding braid and fringe in a matching colour or with a plain self trimmed edge.

See the table below for a guide to how many shades and the size required to fit you table:

Table Size No. of Shades Req. Size of Shade
Full-size 6 22"
10ft 6 18"
9ft* 6 or 3* 22" or 16"*
8ft 2 22"
7ft 2 20"
6ft 2 20"


*9ft Swanson light requires 6 shades @ 16"
*9ft Dawson light requires 3 shades @ 22" for 3 shade light and 6 shades @ 16" for 6 shade light

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