Convertible Pool/Dining Tables in Germany

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Hamilton Billiards stock a number of Rollover Snooker Tables in all sizes. These models were made around 1890 to 1920 by George Edwards and George Wright. These tables were not made in any great numbers mainly because of the problems associated with keeping them level in both playing and dining positions. This was caused by the design of a slate bed hanging upside down when in the dining position. As it is essential to have slate bed for playing this is unavoidable problem. Some customers like the convenience of have a table that you can rollover instead of removing the table tops, this is only an advantage if you are converting the table on a very regular basis. Hamilton Billiards normally stock a selection of Antique Rollover Tables in 6ft (183 x 91.5 cm) & 7ft (214 x 107 cm). These original tables were extremely well made with solid timber.
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