Shaun Murphy Wins 10-8 In An Explosive Turnaround

Shaun Murphy stole the show in a dramatic comeback on Sunday, when he emerged victorious against Ronnie O’Sullivan in the prestigious Champion of Champions event in Coventry.

After lagging behind and surrendering three frames in a row to O’Sullivan, Murphy swiped the 18th frame to win 10-8 in glorious fashion.


After a tense exchange under the snooker table lights, O’Sullivan missed a critical shot that would’ve evened the scores at 9-9, leaving Murphy to clean up the five colours remaining and secure his first title of this season – along with prize winnings of £100,000.

O’Sullivan experienced a slow start to the match, but gradually gained the momentum the five-time world champion is notorious for as the evening progressed.


Speaking after the match had ended, Murphy said: “When the green didn't go in I was just so relieved. I had to stop myself shaking to clear the balls up.”

After four failed attempts in the same tournament, the air of triumph was all over Murphy after such a close shave. “I thought it was going nine apiece,” said Murphy. “He is the best out there and it is a real honour to play against him and see where you are.”

In response, O'Sullivan added: "I just want to say well done to Shaun. In the last three frames I got rhythm and made a match of it but he deserved victory and played better today."
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