The Australian snooker player has offered to financially help fellow colleagues who have been affected by the coronavirus lockdown and are finding it difficult to pay bills before the rescheduled Word Championships this July.

Due to the pandemic, there will be no snooker events until further notice, which means that many self-employed players have lost their sole source of income.

Scott Donaldson, world number 23, shared his worries with BBC Scotland: For those down the ranking list, they have families to feed – it is going to hit them,

I was guaranteed £10,000 just for participating in the event [the World Championship], it’s a lot of money.

Scott Donaldson, Scottish player, playing snooker.

Before that you had the China Open, which was cancelled as well, so the two biggest tournaments of the season are off the calendar now. All the snooker boys are unemployed now for about four or five months.”

This is where kind-hearted Neil Robertson decided to step in and try to help his fellow players.

The 38-year-old professional player who earned more than £900,000 over the past two years is aware of how fortunate he is, thus offered to help.

Neil Robertson smiling at a snooker tournament.

Should any struggle or need advancement for their prize money at the worlds, then they can pay me back as soon as they get paid from World Snooker. It’s no problem.

If a player I know came to me and said, ‘Look, I’m really struggling to pay my bills, are you all right to front me as a guarantor for the first round of the worlds?’ Well, I’d do that no problem. Absolutely.” Robertson told The Sun.

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