Aramith 2 inch (51mm) Super Pro Cup Pool Ball Set

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2" Super Aramith Pro 8 Ball Pool Set are made from Super Aramith Phenolic resin. Designed for coin-operated and freeplay tables this set is supplied with an 1 ⅞" cue ball.

For years, pool competitions and 8 Ball Pool matches have been played with balls made from Aramith phenolic resin, while the American Pool game has, for decades, utilized the highly competitive set made from Super Aramith Pro Resin.

In all respects Super Aramith Pro balls provide more value and it is therefore important to introduce to the game of pool. Also this introduction must be original, bold and modern while honoring tradition, a real challenge.

The Super Aramith Pro Cup 8 Pool Ball set is a higher quality set than normal Aramith balls:
  • The use of Super Aramith Pro Resin, which provides outstanding endurance through its hardened virified surface and ultra-high density for exceptional scratch and impact resistance
  • Matching professional set has precise calibration of each ball for maximum consistency within the set, enabling precise shots and ball repositioning
  • Worldwide endorsement. The preferred phenolic resin used worldwide in tournaments and championships because of its uncompromised quality.
  • Reduction of the cost of table cloth wear and tear.
The Super Aramith Pro-Cup 8Pool has professional specifications in all criteria: density, balance, diameter, roundness, colour, glossiness, hardness and weight.
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