Hamilton Billiards are often asked by prospective customers some of the following questions:-

  1. What is the difference between a billiard table, snooker table and pool table?
  2. Can we play snooker or billiards on a small table?
  3. Can we play pool on a large table?
  4. What is the difference between a UK Pool Table and an American Pool Table?
  5. Can we play pool or snooker on an Antique Billiard Table?
  6. Can we play snooker on a Pool Table?

These questions are all perfectly understandable given the variety and types of tables and the games that can be played on these tables. However, there are some differences and preferences as to which games customers will be playing the majority of the time, so it is important that the preferred type of table is chosen at the time of purchase.

We hope that the following information will help you in your choice of table.

Types Of Tables
  1. Billiard & Snooker Tables

    These tables have been manufactured for over 300 years and the main games played on a Billiard/Snooker Table include:- (a) three ball billiards - using two white balls and one red. (b) Snooker - which is the most popular game played in the UK. and Pool - which has become very popular throughout Europe.

    These tables are made in seven sizes:- 5' x 2 ½' (152 x 76 cm), 6' x 3' (183 x 91.5 cm), 7' x 3 ½' ( 214 x 107 cm), 8' x 4' (244 x 122 cm), 9' x 4 ½' (274 x 137 cm), 10' x 5' (305 x 152 cm) and 12' x 6' (366 x 183 cm). These different size Snooker/Billiard Tables have been manufactured since the 1870's, before this time the majority of tables were Full-Size which is 12' x 6' (366 x 183 cm). Tables today are manufactured in all seven sizes

    The game of Pool - both UK & American - can be played on a Snooker/ Billiard table of all sizes apart from Full-Size (12' x 6' - 366 x 183 cm). This game is played using a set of pool balls - which are numbered spots & stripes or red and yellow balls. In the case of American Pool - which is played with larger pool balls and slightly different pocket sizes and cushions, slight alterations to a Snooker/ Billiard Table would be required.
  2. Russian Billiards

    These tables are the same dimensions as full-size billiard/snooker tables (12’ x 6’ - 366 x 183 cm). Russian billiards is played with 2 5/8" (68mm) balls and very tight pockets, only slightly bigger than the balls themselves. The game of Russian Billiards is played with fifteen numbered white balls and one red ball. The game takes immense skill and patients, but is becoming increasingly popular all around the world.
  3. Pool Tables

    UK Pool Tables
    UK League Pool Tables were developed mainly to go into commercial situations ie pubs and clubs and the tables are manufactured in three sizes, 6 ft (191 x 114 cm), 7 ft (214 x 122 cm) & 8 ft ( 244 x 137 cm) Some of these tables have a mechanism to collect money but they can also be on free play. The game is played with red & yellow balls. When a ball is potted on a commercial pool table, it is retained until the game is finished. It is not viable to play Snooker or Billiards on a commercial coin operated pool table - the coloured balls are returned to the table after being potted when playing snooker and billiards. However, you can play snooker on a non coin operated free play pool table, because the balls are released to one end and not retained in the table

    USA Pool Tables
    These tables are larger than UK Pool Tables, they have wider pockets and a larger ball size and the shape of the cushion is different to UK Pool Tables. These tables are made as standard in the following three sizes 7ft (214 x 107 cm), 8 ft (244 x 122 cm) & 9 ft (274 x 137 cm) It is not possible to play snooker/billiards on these tables - the pocket size is too large, which makes the game too easy.
  4. Convertible Dining Tables

    These tables were developed in the UK around 1880 and were designed to bring into use dining rooms which were rarely used for formal dining. These tables are extremely popular because of the dual purpose facility. They were also manufactured with a dual-height mechanism - one height for playing the other for dining. These tables come in five sizes:- 5ft (152 x 76 cm), 6 ft (183 x 91.5 cm), 7 ft (214 x 107 cm), 8 ft (244 x 122 cm) and 9 ft (274 x 137cm. All games can be played on these tables ie pool, snooker, billiards. It is essential that these tables are manufactured with a slate bed playing surface.
  5. Carom Tables

    This game & table is known in various countries by different names ie:-
    • French Billiards
    • Italian Billiards
    • Dutch Billiards
    • Caromboule
    • Carom
    These games are all played with 3 balls on a table with no pockets. These tables were mainly developed in France, Italy, Germany & Spain and it is still played in many European Countries today. There is a growing popularity of pool being played in these countries and consequently many of these tables have been converted to accomodate pool to be played.
  6. Bar Billiards

    This is a game also referred to as Russian Billiards. The game was extremely popular and played mainly in pubs in the UK - there was a Bar Billiard League and Association. The game is played on a Bar Billiard Table - playing from one end only and played with 9 holes in the slate bed and mushroom shaped skittles. These tables have a built in timer and coin operated slot mechanism - so each game is timed for around 12 minutes.
  7. Bagatelle Tables

    These tables were the Victorian forerunner to Bar Billiard Tables. These are normally portable tables that fold in half and made with a wooden bed, covered with baize with nine holes/cups to pot the balls into.
    Again the game is only played from one end. Occasionally some of these Bagatelle Tables have two pockets for additional scoring. These tables are no longer manufactured, however the antique samples, which are available, are of high quality and in demand.

For further information please contact us.

The Care of Billiard, Snooker and Pool Tables
  • The Nap on the bed-cloth of a Billiard Table runs from the baulk end to the spot end. On the cushions the direction of the nap varies according to the make of the table. The cloth is stretched tightly over the table when first fitted, but its natural characteristics allow it to stretch and in time it will become slack. When this happens it requires re- stretching by a skilled billiards fitter.
  • Regular cleaning, brushing and ironing in the direction of the nap are essential to the maintenance of the table's efficiency.
    1. Brush the table in the direction of the nap to remove all dirt. Remember to brush under and around cushions in the direction of the nap only.
    2. Go over the table again with a cloth or towel wrapped around the brush.
    3. Iron after each brushing to lay the nap. Make sure that the iron is at once quite clean and not too hot; medium heat - No.6 on a thermostatic billiard iron. An iron which is too hot dries the wool fibres, makes them brittle and the cloth more susceptible to wear. Angle the iron at 45 degrees to reduce heat marks, and keep it moving. Iron the bed-cloth only; never the cushions.

When a new cloth has been in use a short time small spots will appear. These are often suspected as "moth marks". In fact, they are "cue stabs", caused by players allowing their cues to come into contact with the cloth after striking the ball; an especially common fault- often unsuspected- when the ball is struck below mid-centre.

When the cue tip is thus brought into sharp contact with the cloth, tightly stretched on its unyielding slate bed, a little of the nap is removed and the "moth mark" results. These marks will gradually become less noticeable as the cloth ages. This type of damage is caused all the more frequently if the edges of tips do not exactly fit the cue, it is therefore important to make sure that your cue tips and ferrules are kept in good condition. The dropping of balls, or rough placing of rests and triangles can cause similar blemishes; as also can the tossing of coins which should be totally forbidden, as it can cut the cloth.

Occasionally a newly covered table will be seen to have a line running across it, ei- ther lighter or darker than the rest of the cloth. This is a press or fold mark, indicating where the cloth was folded. With regular brushing and ironing this will gradually become less noticeable and will ultimately disappear.

Cushions require no other maintenance than regular brushing- again with the run of the nap.

A Word Of Warning About Cushion Speed

For reasons too technical to explain here, it should be stressed that no manufacturer can guarantee that a new set of cushions will give a specified degree of speed. Nor is it necessary for players to concern themselves with the number of lengths a ball will run "when hit with maximum force". To judge a table by this test is like trying to measure the 'pick up' of a cricket bat or the "balance" of a racket by the use of scales and foot- rule. The only speed essential to good play is that there should be sufficient resilience in the cushions for a cue ball to travel easily around the table when a normal stroke is played.

A Few Other Tips

  1. Keep the table as clean as possible by covering it with a dust cover whilst not in use.
  2. Keep hands clean!
  3. Balls should be free from chips and regularly cleaned using a recommended cleaning fluid.
  4. Always use spots to protect the cloth under the coloured ball positions. Always replace damaged spots.
  5. Always remove balls from the pockets at the end of play.
  6. Keep cue tips in good order.
Room Size Calculator
Room Size Calculator

When choosing a table it is important not to overlook the amount of cueing space required for playing in comfort.
Our simple calculator below will give you the ideal room size/playing area for the table you want.
Select the preferred size of table from the drop-down list and our calculator will provide a guide to the ideal playing area/room size (excluding furniture) and recommended length of cue.

In many cases customers do have sufficient cueing space but may have one or two obstacles in the room, i.e. fireplace, large items of furniture etc. We are able to provide small made to measure weighted cues for this situation.

Hamilton Billiards & Games invite you to use our services in all matters concerning the installation and furnishing of billiards and games rooms. These services are provided without obligation. We are also able to arrange for one of our representatives to visit your premises to discuss your requirements.

Delivery Prices
Delivery Prices

All items are delivered by Hamilton Billiards vehicles or by appointed carriers. Delivery prices are based on the cost of packing, delivery or carrier charges, UK only. Please feel free to email us if you have queries regarding these prices.

Pool Table delivery costs have been averaged out throughout the UK. These are large, substantial items and the cost of delivery is advised on each table.

Pool Tables require assembly and installation, we can offer advice for self assemble, alternatively we offer an installation service by our own fitters. Price depends on distance, location ie upstairs, ground floor and time restrictions ie weekdays, Saturday & Sunday. Please contact us for further information.

Type of Product   Delivery Price
Pool Table = See Individual Tables
Games = See below
Accessories = See below

Prices for Games and Accessories

Delivery prices for games and accessories are based on the total cost of your order. Prices are detailed below.

Cost of Order   Delivery Price
under £15 = £4.75
£15 - £95 = £11.50
over £95.00 = Free

Please note that all of our delivery prices are inclusive of VAT.

  • If I change my mind...
    Should your purchases be unsuitable and you wish to return them to us for a refund or exchange then the following conditions will apply:
    • You must inform us in writing giving notice of cancellation. Click here to contact us
    • Goods must be returned within 7 working days from the receipt of the Goods. If the Goods were received over 14 days ago and it has been less than 3 months since the Goods were purchased they can also be returned but a handling fee of between 15% and 25% will be charged.
    • A member of our staff must be contacted before any return is made to obtain the necessary returns reference.
    • All items should be returned in their original packaging and in a saleable condition to obtain a full refund. We reserve the right to charge for re-packaging where applicable.
    • Carriage charges for unwanted returns will be at your expense.
    • Transport packaging should be sufficient for the method of carriage. We cannot accept any responsibility for damage caused by your carrier.
    • We cannot accept the return of any item that has been manufactured to your specification, or any audio or video recordings or computer software that has been unsealed, or is clearly personalised, or liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly, or which by its very nature cannot be returned.
    • Your return should be accompanied by a proof of purchase, your name, address and phone number and order reference number (most of this information should be detailed on your invoice). To help us, to help you, we would appreciate you enclosing details of why you wish to return the product.
  • If the product is faulty...
    If the goods are faulty or have become faulty and are within their warranty period (usually 1 year from purchase) please contact us with details of the fault. A member of our staff will get back to you and arrange for the goods to come back to us for repair - or offer a replacement if a repair will not be possible.
  • If the product has been damaged in transit... Should you receive any parcel from us that contains damaged goods this should be notified to us, as soon as possible, but no later than 7 days from receipt, we will arrange for collection and replacement. If you have used a damaged item, it has been deemed as acceptable by yourself - you will only be entitled to a repair and not replacement. Please provide us with details of any damage. A member of our staff will get back to you and arrange for the goods to be returned to Hamilton Billiards for replacement. Please click here to contact us
  • If I have received an incorrect item...
    If the contents of your delivery differ from what you were expecting/what appears on your invoice, please contact us stating the item you should have received and which item you actually received. A member of our staff will get back to you with details of how to return the item.
  • If I am missing items from my order...
    Should any consignment be sent to you incomplete please contact us within 7 working days who will be pleased to investigate this for you and to arrange for the completion of your order. Please be aware that back-ordered items that are "to follow" do not constitute shortages.
PDF Sheets

Download Colour Sample Sheet - Click Here.
Download Cloth Colour Sheet - Click Here.
Download American Pool Cloth Colour Sheet - Click Here.
Download Table Care Information - Click Here.

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