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Hamilton Billiards are often asked by prospective customers some of the following questions:-
  1. What is the difference between a billiard table, snooker table and pool table?
  2. Can we play snooker or billiards on a small table?
  3. Can we play pool on a large table?
  4. What is the difference between a UK Pool Table and an American Pool Table?
  5. Can we play pool or snooker on an Antique Billiard Table?
  6. Can we play snooker on a Pool Table?

These questions are all perfectly understandable given the variety and types of tables and the games that can be played on these tables. However, there are some differences and preferences as to which games customers will be playing the majority of the time, so it is important that the preferred type of table is chosen at the time of purchase.

We hope that the following information will help you in your choice of table.

Types of Tables
  • Billiard & Snooker Tables

    These tables have been manufactured for over 300 years and the main games played on a Billiard/Snooker Table include:- (a) three ball billiards - using two white balls and one red. (b) Snooker - which is the most popular game played in the UK. and Pool - which has become very popular throughout Europe.

    These tables are made in seven sizes:- 5' x 2 ½' (152 x 76 cm), 6' x 3' (183 x 91.5 cm), 7' x 3 ½' ( 214 x 107 cm), 8' x 4' (244 x 122 cm), 9' x 4 ½' (274 x 137 cm), 10' x 5' (305 x 152 cm) and 12' x 6' (366 x 183 cm). These different size Snooker/Billiard Tables have been manufactured since the 1870's, before this time the majority of tables were Full-Size which is 12' x 6' (366 x 183 cm). Tables today are manufactured in all seven sizes

    The game of Pool - both UK & American - can be played on a Snooker/ Billiard table of all sizes apart from Full-Size (12' x 6' - 366 x 183 cm). This game is played using a set of pool balls - which are numbered spots & stripes or red and yellow balls. In the case of American Pool - which is played with larger pool balls and slightly different pocket sizes and cushions, slight alterations to a Snooker/ Billiard Table would be required.

  • Russian Billiards

    These tables are the same dimensions as full-size billiard/snooker tables (12’ x 6’ - 366 x 183 cm). Russian billiards is played with 2 5/8" (68mm) balls and very tight pockets, only slightly bigger than the balls themselves. The game of Russian Billiards is played with fifteen numbered white balls and one red ball. The game takes immense skill and patients, but is becoming increasingly popular all around the world.

  • Pool Tables

    UK Pool Tables

    UK League Pool Tables were developed mainly to go into commercial situations ie pubs and clubs and the tables are manufactured in three sizes, 6 ft (191 x 114 cm), 7 ft (214 x 122 cm) & 8 ft ( 244 x 137 cm) Some of these tables have a mechanism to collect money but they can also be on free play. The game is played with red & yellow balls. When a ball is potted on a commercial pool table, it is retained until the game is finished. It is not viable to play Snooker or Billiards on a commercial coin operated pool table - the coloured balls are returned to the table after being potted when playing snooker and billiards. However, you can play snooker on a non coin operated free play pool table, because the balls are released to one end and not retained in the table

    USA Pool Tables

    These tables are larger than UK Pool Tables, they have wider pockets and a larger ball size and the shape of the cushion is different to UK Pool Tables. These tables are made as standard in the following three sizes 7ft (214 x 107 cm), 8 ft (244 x 122 cm) & 9 ft (274 x 137 cm) It is not possible to play snooker/billiards on these tables - the pocket size is too large, which makes the game too easy.

  • Convertible Dining Tables

    These tables were developed in the UK around 1880 and were designed to bring into use dining rooms which were rarely used for formal dining. These tables are extremely popular because of the dual purpose facility. They were also manufactured with a dual-height mechanism - one height for playing the other for dining. These tables come in five sizes:- 5ft (152 x 76 cm), 6 ft (183 x 91.5 cm), 7 ft (214 x 107 cm), 8 ft (244 x 122 cm) and 9 ft (274 x 137cm. All games can be played on these tables ie pool, snooker, billiards. It is essential that these tables are manufactured with a slate bed playing surface.

  • Carom Tables

    This game & table is known in various countries by different names ie:-
    • French Billiards
    • Italian Billiards
    • Dutch Billiards
    • Caromboule
    • Carom

    These games are all played with 3 balls on a table with no pockets. These tables were mainly developed in France, Italy, Germany & Spain and it is still played in many European Countries today. There is a growing popularity of pool being played in these countries and consequently many of these tables have been converted to accomodate pool to be played.

  • Bar Billiards

    This is a game also referred to as Russian Billiards. The game was extremely popular and played mainly in pubs in the UK - there was a Bar Billiard League and Association. The game is played on a Bar Billiard Table - playing from one end only and played with 9 holes in the slate bed and mushroom shaped skittles. These tables have a built in timer and coin operated slot mechanism - so each game is timed for around 12 minutes.

  • Bagatelle Tables

    These tables were the Victorian forerunner to Bar Billiard Tables. These are normally portable tables that fold in half and made with a wooden bed, covered with baize with nine holes/cups to pot the balls into.

    Again the game is only played from one end. Occasionally some of these Bagatelle Tables have two pockets for additional scoring. These tables are no longer manufactured, however the antique samples, which are available, are of high quality and in demand. For further information please contact us.

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