8ft Convertible Dining Table

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If you want your snooker table to do double duty, the perfect combination is a table you can dine on as well as play on. Not everyone has the space for a full size snooker table, though, but you can take your pick of an 8ft convertible snooker dining table from our wide range.

Usually elegantly made of oak or mahogany, an 8ft convertible diner makes a beautiful piece of furniture, as well as providing an excellent game. You have a choice of new convertible dining tables, or you can have bespoke convertible snooker tables or pool tables made to your specifications. We also regularly have antique convertible tables in stock from the finest classic designers.

If you’re looking for snooker accessories to go with your 8ft convertible diner, we have snooker cues and pool, billiard or snooker balls to meet all your needs.

We stock snooker tables and pool tables of all types, and besides the 8ft convertible diner, you can find a 9ft convertible snooker dining table, a 7ft convertible snooker dining table, a 6ft convertible snooker dining table, or even a 5ft convertible snooker dining table.

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