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  1. mahogany snooker leaf cabinet
    (MIS64) Mahogany Leaf Cabinet
  2. billiard mirror
    (MIS33) Mirror
    Product Code: MIS33
  3. mini roulette
    (MIS54) Mini Roulette
    Product Code: MIS54
  4. Burroughes & Watts Paper Weight
    (MIS10) Burroughes & Watts Paper Weight
    Product Code: MIS10
  5. mahogany billiard bench
    (MIS72) Mahogany Billiard Bench
    Product Code: MIS72
  6. mahogany card table
    (MIS56) Mahogany Card Table with Drawer
    Product Code: MIS56
  7. Mahogany Billiard Bench
    (MIS63) Mahogany Billiard Bench
    Product Code: MIS63
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8 products

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At Hamilton Billiards, we handcraft snooker tables, pool tables and a variety of games-related furniture plus, restore various antique and vintage items, including storage cabinets, game tables, score boards and other miscellaneous items.

Within this range of products, we have available vintage two-player life pool scoreboards which can be used simply for decoration but are still highly functional; billiards benches, including restored benches circa 1880; mahogany lead cabinets; mahogany mirrors; handmade mahogany card tables with drawers and traditional antique games, such as mini roulettes.

Our antique accessories collection is also inclusive of antique snooker cue racks that can store many cues, from 6 cues all the way up to 21 cues, antique marker boards and antique snooker ball boxes. These antique items are perfect to decorate your snooker/games room.

Unit 7, Newnham Road, Newnham, Nr Baldock, Herts, SG7 5JX, UK