Whether you have a spare room or are thinking of transforming your unused garage into a recreation room, it’s important to do it right. There are plenty of things to consider before you start stripping the wallpaper and moving in the heavy snooker table. Here are our top tips on how to create the ultimate games room that will make your home be your friends and family’s favourite hangout spot.

If you don’t have extra room, don’t worry – we also have some ideas on how to transform small spaces into the coolest gaming room in the neighbourhood, perfect for both adults and children. With a games room in your home or a multi-functional room that also acts as an entertainment space, you can easily spend quality time with your friends and family without having to leave the house.

Planning is key.

The main thing to do is to have a game plan. Think about all the different ways the room can be laid out – maybe a snooker games in the middle, cocktail corner for the adults and a TV set with a console on the other side for the youngsters. If this will be your main family entertainment space, be sure to gather everyone together and brainstorm ideas. After all, it’s for all of you to enjoy.

Make a mood board with all your ideas and see how they work together. Put together images of your favourite games tables, décor and colours. Maybe you want to go for a special room style? You’re spoilt for choice. You can create a sports-themed games room with a traditional snooker table as the centrepiece and sports-themed accessories hung on the walls or perhaps a more futuristic themed games room with a modern snooker table in the centre, coloured lights on the walls and a video games corner.

Make games wishlist.

Create a list of the games you’d like to be added to your games room. Be careful not to overcrowd your room with a clutter of different games, add a game table as a centrepiece and then see how you can best use the remaining space.

A snooker table is a must. At Hamilton Billiards, we stock a variety of snooker tables, including 6ft snooker tables, 7ft snooker tables, 8ft snooker tables, 9ft snooker tables, 10ft snooker tables and full-size snooker tables. These are available in various styles and designs plus, can be custom-made to suit your personal preferences.

Playing snooker is much more than a sport or a hobby. There are plenty of benefits that come hand-in-hand with playing snooker, including improving physical and mental health, increasing focus, improving the ability to assess and manage risk, reducing stress and building stronger relationships as it gives you a chance to connect with friends and family.

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Other classic games can also be added to your games room to make it extra special. This includes football tables, dart boards and air hockey tables. These are great games to enjoy at any point of your day and will help you alleviate stress from a busy schedule.

Not enough room?

Snooker dining tables are a great alternative to standard snooker tables. These are multi-functional tables that can quickly go from dining table to snooker table in seconds, giving your the flexibility to make the most out of your space. Transform any dining area into a family games room with a snooker diner.

Pick the right furniture.

Comfort is essential for any games room, so it’s important to pick the right furniture. Make sure you have enough seating for your family and your friends and have enough storage to keep board games and card games at hand for a monopoly or uno emergency.

What is a games room without a mini fridge stocked with your favourite drinks and a cupboard full of the tastiest snacks? If your kitchen is right next door maybe you won’t need this, but if your kitchen is upstairs or downstairs, save a trip and keep the drinks and snacks coming with an in-room mini-fridge and snacks cupboard.

Let there be light.

Even though playing snooker in the dark could be a whole game of its own, you’ll need good lighting to make sure you play your best. Your game tables should be under a nice glow and the rest of your games room can simply have ambient light.

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