Quality Refurbishments, Handcrafted Tables and Exquisite Accessories

Master-guilds[1]Hamilton Billiards takes pride in being acknowledged as an official member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, and we fully intend to live up to such a prestigious accolade. We recognise that only the most dedicated companies receive such recognition for their handcrafted products, so we’re constantly looking for ways to improve both our array of merchandise and the way in which we interact with our clients.


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How We Operate


Our main claim to fame is our handcrafted tables, complete with all manner of bespoke features to align with our customers’ preferences and specifications; these are the products we are most proud of, so when a customer finds one of our original pieces of work to their liking, it’s hugely gratifying. Of course, we also sell a large variety of snooker, pool and billiard tables and snooker accessories from existing manufacturers, because we know some clients will always have their favourites. Regardless, having the Guild’s logo emblazoned on our website is a refreshing and most welcome commendation.

Being affiliated with and surrounded by the country’s most established and skilled craftsmen is an incredible honour for us, as it allows us to appreciate a massive assortment of differing skillsets and styles, even if those same craftsmen work in entirely unrelated fields; observing and learning from the best is an efficient method of improving standards, after all.

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Bespoke Snooker, Pool and Billiard Materials


We realise that purchasing a new billiard, snooker or pool table for home use isn't a decision that should be made lightly. Whatever room it’s placed in, the table’s size and detail will undoubtedly make it a focal point, meaning careful consideration is due when contemplating where to put it. More importantly, as a bespoke model, it needs to be more than noteworthy – it must be truly extraordinary. One technique for achieving this involves creating a mechanism that allows the table to convert into a viable dining surface, resulting in a stylish and practical pool dining table or snooker dining table combo.

That’s not all that can be customised, however – everything from the colour of the cloth to the type of wood we use is up for negotiation. We can even carefully age the wood ourselves to make it seem older to the eye, or apply a different type of polish for a unique finish. When everything has been carefully factored in, no two tables will ever be alike.

Elegant Craftsmanship, Every Time


We invest our heart and soul into each and every project we work on, and every handcrafted piece is lovingly tended to until it approaches perfection – only then do we deem it suitable for sale. Besides, if we ever need a reminder of what we stand for, one glimpse of the Guild’s emblem on our site will be enough to prompt our professional standards once more.

If you would like to find out more about handcrafted snooker tables and pool tables, feel free to browse our selection at any time.

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