Ronnie O'Sullivan joins SightRight Snooker Coaching


Ronnie O’Sullivan has joined the SightRight Snooker coaching setup, after claiming that playing the game is now more of a hobby rather than a career. The five-time World Champion will team up with head coach Stephen Finney, who has helped improve and revitalise the careers of seasoned professionals and rising amateurs within the sport. Finney has created training methods that place emphasis on strong eye alignment whilst using a snooker cue.

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O’Sullivan will be looking to add more silverware to his impressive haul of 33 majors and believes joining SightRight coaching will give him the best chance of succeeding this coming season.

He said: “Stephen really knows his stuff and no wonder he has had two world champions in the past four seasons. I have been blown away in the first few sessions with him.”

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One of the most notable beneficiaries of the setup is 2018 World Snooker Champion Mark Williams. The Welshman came close the quitting the sport in recent years but claimed working with Finney helped him rediscover his title winning form. Williams managed to use his custom made snooker cue to great effect in this year’s final, when he beat John Higgins 18-16.

World Snooker Championship - Day SeventeenSightRight currently boast an impressive roster of talent, which includes English players Martin Gould and David Gilbert, as well as Hong Kong’s Marco Fu. These players are amongst the best on the pro tour since they have all been equipped with the correct sized cue they need for strong eye alignment.

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Radio 5 live Snooker reporter Jamie Broughton has also rung the praises for the SightRight coaching program. He told BBC Sport that: “His system is all about making sure a player is correctly aligned and correctly sighted when they play a shot. O'Sullivan is just the latest high-profile star to join the SightRight stable.

“Feeney says 99% of all players sight their shots from the wrong point of observation, something physicists refer to as a "parallax error". In snooker terms, it means they line up a shot with their body rather than their eyes.

maxresdefault“O'Sullivan, like all great champions, is always looking to improve. In the past, he's been coached by the former world champion Ray Reardon, worked on the mental side of his game with leading sport psychiatrist Dr Steve Peters, and is currently working with a food nutritionist to improve his diet.”

Over the last decade, Stephen Finney has managed to establish himself as the world’s leading specialist Snooker coach. His training program is the only setup that uses proven methods to tailor perfect alignment and sighting. This ensures players will be able to make accurate shots without being distorted by prominent snooker lighting.



Hamilton Billiards have a selection of light designs that can further increase your ability to play the game. We have both Swanson handmade lights and Dawson handmade lights, which have been specially designed to emit a consistent level of ambient lighting.

Ronnie O’Sullivan will be working closely with SightRight over the course of the season, hoping to re-establish himself as the world’s very best on the pro tour.

Hamilton Billiards will be providing comprehensive coverage of the 2018-2019 Snooker season. For more information, check out our 2018-2019 Snooker Season Preview.   

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