Neil Robertson beats Judd Trump 10-9 in a hard-fought final to win his third UK Championship title.

This close match, played behind closed doors at Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes, showed incredible snooker skills by world number one and world number three.

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The first session ended with Trump and Robertson even at 4-4.

Both players showcased their snooker excellence and skill.

However, after a long and tense final frame that lasted more than an hour, Judd Trump gives in to the pressure and misses the final pink at the end.

This gave Robertson the opportunity to take over and claim victory. The Australian player finished the match with a break of 72, winning frame 18 and with it, the 2020 UK Championship title.

Robertson, who also has the record for the most centuries at the tournament, took home £200,000 prize money and the UK Championship trophy.

Robertson told BBC Sport: “It was unbelievable. There was a lot of good stuff, and to use a quote Mark Williams used, it almost got so bad it was so good at one stage, because we were both trying so hard.

"We don't want frames to go that length. We like to win frames with big breaks in one visit.

"Maybe because I lost my last two finals I was trying too hard and brought Judd down a bit. But we are both gladiators out there, even without a crowd."

Trump ended his 14-match winning streak as he ‘bottled’ his chance at winning the UK Championship.

Judd Trump misses pink and loses his chance at winning the UK Championship.

He said to BBC Sport: "It was an epic battle. It's tough to take and I bottled it really. I was under pressure and ended up messing up.

"I would never have missed from there normally but the whole length of the frame got to me, as well as the pressure, and I was trying too hard

"It would have made for good viewing but it's devastating for me."

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